Frequently Asked Questions

  • Prices: See price list on each page for Single, Double, Door and Portable Gates.

  • Delivery: We carry stock in all standard Folding Gate part numbers. We will ship the next day after receiving your order. If your order is for a custom size or your order is for more than we have in stock, we will ship within two weeks. 

  • Measure the width where you will be mounting the gate whether that be the opening itself if you will mount the gate in the opening or the width to the mounting point if you are mounting it on the face of the opening.

  • Compare that width to the list of widths in the price sheet and select the one that has a range that includes your width.

  • Measure the height of your opening. If you want the gate to fill the opening, select the gate with the collapsed height just shorter than your opening.  If you don’t need the gate to fill the height of the opening or the height is more than 10 feet, select a standard height or see below.

Call or email us with the width and maximum height of gate you want and we will recommend a gate and calculate the price.  Delivery on custom sizes is approx. 2 weeks. (Custom sizes are non-refundable, non-returnable)

We will supply extra “L” brackets at no extra charge that can be used at the bottom of the gate for mounting purposes.

We can supply “extended L-brackets” at an extra charge, if ordered with the gate, that will allow the gate to clear the overhead door tracks.

Don’t use it. The “H” bracket is for additional security, but the gate will work fine without it. You may ask for a “C cup” that will more securely connect the two center rails.

The gate includes all the brackets necessary. It does not include the fasteners you will need to fasten the “L” bracket to the wall. The fasteners you need depends on the material you will be fastening into. Consult your local hardware store for appropriate fasteners. You will need two fasteners for each “L” bracket.