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At Wholesale Gate Company, our mission is to make a quality product at a competitive price that both exceeds your expectations and maintains the security of your property.

Securing Businesses For 45+ Years

Wholesale Gate Company has been manufacturing steel folding security gates for more than 45 years. The mission of our business is to make a quality product at a competitive price that meets or exceeds our customers’ requirements. Every business needs the best security measures to protect its investment. In a physical commercial setting, one crucial security measure that you need is the best security gate. It’s able to keep intruders and thieves away. In this case, you can protect both physical assets and human resources. In addition to offering physical protection, a good security gate gives your business property a professional look.

American-Made High-Quality Steel Accordion Gates

Wholesale Gate Company manufactures the “classic” design of folding accordion security gates that has been around for years and proven over and over to be durable and dependable. Our folding gates are made of 3/4″ wide 14 gauge steel channel, riveted back to back with solid steel rivets. Solid rivets provide abundant strength to last longer under any conditions. We use 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ x 1/8″ thick hot rolled angle iron for upright gate rails that resist abuse and last longer than thinner alternatives. Our drop pins are made of 5/8″ round rod and our casters are steel. We thoroughly coat our gates using black enamel paint.

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for 24″ to 48″
wide openings


for 4-1/2′ to 7-1/2′
wide openings


for 6′ to 16′
wide openings


for 6′ to 60′
wide openings

In these uncertain economic times, security is an essential investment any business or homeowner can make. The secret behind Wholesale Gate Company’s success is its unique client-care policy and personalized attention. Wholesale Gate Company provides customers with tailored solutions that not only perfectly match their security requirements, but match their budgets, building and technical specifications, and much more.

Our security gates can be seen all around the country: that rolling gate on a storefront, the narrow gate on a door opening at a school, security gates for business, etc.

In fact, to make certain that clients receive exceptional security for the long-term, all gates meet the most stringent industry safety standards and are crafted by experts from the finest and most durable materials.

At Wholesale Gate Company, we believe that every customer has a right to protect their property and livelihood, and it is our sole purpose to help them do precisely that!

Why Choose A Folding or Accordion Gate From Wholesale Gate Co

Folding security gates are used by manufacturing and warehouse facilities, retail and distribution centers, education and health care institutions and in homes and office buildings. Security Gate Company supplies gates in standard sizes from 4-1/2′ wide by 5-1/2′ high single gates to 16′ wide by 8-1/2′ high double gates. We also make custom size single and double gates up to 10′ high. Call for quotes on custom sizes. We carry door gates for openings 24″ to 48″ wide in heights from 61″ to 83″ and portable gates 6 and 12 feet wide. Portable, Aisle and Pet Gates are a perfect temporary or mobile security gate for many applications.

Steel Folding or Accordion Security Gates provide security, ventilation and visibility for warehouse dock doors, lift-up doors, office buildings hallways and entranceways. Portable, Aisle and Pet gates are a perfect temporary or mobile security gate for many applications.